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Vapour blasting, cleaning & restoration services

Vapour blasting, also known as Vapor Aqua, Wet Honing, Water or Wet blasting, is a great way to restore metal components to a "like new" or ”better than new” condition, cleaning to the highest standard and producing a perfect smooth, satin finish. Vapour blasting uses water, compress air and high quality abrasive media (200 micron glass beads) to clean metal surfaces without actually wearing away any of the metal - unlike sand-blasting which is a far more destructive process.

The end result is a far finer finish and no abrasive media is left behind because it is all washed away with the water.

What do we vapour blast?
  • Aluminium
  • Brass
  • Rubber (car sills)
  • Chrome
  • Steel and stainless Steel
  • Carbon Fibre
  • Fibreglass
  • Aluminium
  • Glass
  • Plastic
Advantages of Vapour Blasting:

  • Non-destructive cleaning
  • Powerful cleaning without damage to material and their profiles
  • Flowing water cleans and cushions bead media, so it does not break down and become jagged
  • Cleans non-ferrous metals for restoring and maintaining the part
  • NO etching, pitting, scouring, particles embedded or abrade the surface texture.
  • Does not hurt or wear out parting lines, shut offs, roll over edges etc.
  • Will not damage treaded holes
  • Reduces time on manual inspection for machine
  • NO rounded off corners
  • Does not introduce heat resulting in deformation
  • Removes industrial coatings without damage
  • Prepares surfaces prior to bonding coatings, and composites for new finishes
  • Safer way to debur unwanted shavings and raised particles of metal finishing with a high velocity of water and media
  • Preventing molds from rust and oxodization and residue left on the surface
  • Peening the surface hardens without changing the weight or geometrics
  • Safe on some gaskets & plastics
  • Leaving a clean soft satin finish making them look better than new bringing them back to life
  • Cleans fast, easy and efficient minimizing downtime
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • No harmful chemicals, purging compounds or dry ice are used
  • Dust free process, eliminates 95% of dust associated with dry blasting which is safer for the environment
  • Cost effective due to recycling the slurry using less water and waste saving time and money
  • Promotes longer media life not breaking down to damage surface
  • Leaving a clean smoother superior finish